About us

CADS Engineering is at home in Germany and in Pakistan. Our root is the simulation office (CAE) for the automotive industry founded in 2012 by Nazir Saqib in Ingolstadt. Since then we have not only become huger but also expanded our scope of services substantially.

In our first business area technical simulations, our highly qualified and dedicated FEA specialists, together with our customers, are developing the future of the automobile. This area will now be expanded to include construction services (CAD). This is the only way we can handle extensive developments from a single source - and of course realise the cost advantages of the highly qualified South Asian economic region.
We believe, only a successful CAE virtual prototype with improved quality can increase productivity and reduce the design to manufacture product cycle!

Our business GREEN ENERGY has supported South Asia since 2016 very successfully in ensuring the supply of energy with quality "Made in Germany". Of course, we also offer full engineering support here.